Sunday, 16 January 2011

The first crafty post and birthday presents...

I have finally managed to get my presents from my Land Lady and put in my Amazon order. Which has ended up with me becoming the proud owner of this book:

It would have to be said that it is absolutely fantastic book which I had to work from IMMEDIATELY! (and then run screaming to Amazon to order the OTHER book!) Unfortunately the sock I chose was slightly on the grubby side (I have been collecting socks but they were old/mismatched/in a bag for at least six months). I will mention it had been washed and is in no way a bad sock. I did change the basic method somewhat on the basis my sock was bigger than the one the author used for this so mine has legs and arms because I had to chop a few bits off. Here are the results piece by piece:

I cut a 'u' shape in the top of the sock to make the ears and cut a small hole in the toe so I could turn it inside out.

Here it is with the ears sewn up and the bottom cut off!


                                           With slightly suggestive legs...

                                                         And a mouth!

We are almost there now, it doesn't really look like the picture but I suppose that's the point (I've never been one for such liberation...sorry, too much Big Bang Theory).

And here he is! Apparently according to my husband his name is Corky. So there you go, my first craft work. Have fun with it.


  1. Hehe I think he turned out cute :D

  2. I nominated you for a versatile blogger award:)