Monday, 10 January 2011

The first day off work...

Well, today has been my first day off in a couple of weeks so I have taken the time to very carefully spend my birthday money (when I say carefully I mean flit round Amazon screaming like an idiot). Thus have I bought a great many useless things that I otherwise would not have been able to buy including a book on subversive cross stitch. Unfortunately I am suffering currently from delayed gratification as my Land Lady (She deserves capitals) has two of my presents from my mother at her house and until she comes back I can't place the order.

This is the source of some frustration as she was in earlier but I find her too personally intimidating to talk to without my husband whom, it would have to be said, she likes rather better. Still, have a picture of some baby shoes:

These are the shoes that I made for my first niece (on my side of the family) Poppy. Since there is the word craft in the title I thought you might like to see some evidence that, yes, I am a crafter. If you would like to make similar ones then the link is I prefer to make these is fleece and also add a pattern of puffy paint ( This gives it an extra little stick when the kids are old enough to walk. You can also do a double layer of sole to the bootie and put squeakers or sweetie wrappers in so you can hear them coming. The idea is like a cat collar only without having social services cart you away for putting a collar on your child.

Anyway, have a nice week!

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  1. I like the your style. You make me laugh. ;)

    *flits around your blog screaming like an idiot*